The Convergence of Futures Thinking and Entrepreneurship



The Convergence of Futures Thinking and Entrepreneurship in the Next Decade

On 26 October 2023 in the World Futures Studies Federation Conference(50th Anniversary) I will be talking about Futurepreneurship;  The Convergence of Futures Thinking and Entrepreneurship in the Next Decade.

Here is a summary of what I will address as a Futurepreneur:

Futurepreneurship has emerged as a dynamic field at the intersection of futures thinking and entrepreneurship, poised to shape the
business landscape in the next decade. Here in this article I explore the
growing significance of futurepreneurship and its potential to drive
innovation, adaptability, and sustainable impact in a rapidly changing world.

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Futurepreneurs possess the ability to identify weak signals,anticipate shifts in technology, social dynamics, and market demands, enabling
them to be proactive and agile in their entrepreneurial endeavors. They
leverage futures thinking tools such as environmental scanning, trend analysis,
and scenario planning to envision alternative futures, and strategically
position their ventures to thrive amidst evolving landscapes.

Furthermore, futurepreneurship fosters innovation andadaptability. Futurepreneurs actively seek opportunities for creativity,
disruptive thinking, and technological advancements, enabling them to stay
ahead of the curve and drive market transformation. With a strong focus on
sustainability and ethical considerations, futurepreneurs aim to create
ventures that not only generate economic value but also contribute to a more
inclusive, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible future.

Through collaboration and networking, futurepreneurs forgestrategic partnerships and tap into collective intelligence, creating
ecosystems that foster innovation, knowledge sharing, and mutual support. By
leveraging the power of collaboration, they strengthen their ability to
navigate the complexities of a globally interconnected business landscape.

Futurepreneurshiprepresents an emergent and vital field that bridges the gap between futures
thinking and entrepreneurship. Its importance in the next decade cannot be
understated. By combining the entrepreneurial mindset with futures thinking,
futurepreneurs are poised to drive disruptive innovation, navigate
uncertainties, and shape the future of business. As we enter an era of rapid
change, embracing futurepreneurship will be a key driver of success for
individuals, organizations, and societies alike.

Dana Marduk

Futurepreneur, CEO at Future Company and Member of WFSF.org